A new approach to managing your company's technology

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    We monitor your network 24/7/365 so that you can rest easy knowing that we'll find and fix your issues before they become critical.

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    Our state of the art technology runs diagnostics on a daily basis to ensure that your system is running as smoothly as possible. Maintaining your network 24/7/365 is vital to prolonging the life of your hardware.

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    Our management system allows for easy policy implementation and tracking. Create company-wide rules to help protect your system. With our IT management solution, we are able to fix many of your problems before you ever knew they existed.



At M Cubed Technologies, we like to stick to what we are great at. This includes protecting your network and making your business run as smooth as possible. For this reason we have partnered with the two best companies in town for phone systems and multifunction printers and copiers. We are very confident that they will provide you with the same level of excellent service that you are used to at M Cubed.


Our philosophy here at M Cubed is: If you monitor, maintain, and manage the entirety of your network infrastructure, then you can prevent costly downtime and loss of revenue. We do this by managing everything for you. From your servers all the way down to individual workstations.


We offer a variety of backup solutions for workstations, servers and databases. Would your data be safe if your hard drive crashes? Find out how we can help protect your business and restore lost data in no time!


M Cubed Technologies is devoted to providing reliable IT Services for businesses that want to improve productivity and profitability. With an IT consultant that will customize an IT solution to meet your unique business needs, you can stop worrying about technology and focus on your business.


Our firewall and spam filtering offers complete protection from unwanted emails and potential threats. We also offer staff training to empower your employees to avoid bad habits that can invite more spam and put your business at risk.


M Cubed Cloud Services are built upon reliable, high performance servers and network equipment that allow you to scale your business quickly and efficiently. This allows business to avoid the upfront costs of buying physical servers.


M Cubed Technologies is your complete solution for all your technology needs. We offer competitive pricing on quality hardware from the best companies. Whether it’s a server, desktop, or computer accessories, M Cubed has you covered.


Your data is the most important thing to the success of your business. Without it you are left in the dark ages leaving you and your customers helpless. This is why backing up your server should be top priority to ensure business continuity in a time of crisis.

Backups have two distinct purposes. The first is to recover data after its loss by either deletion or corruption. The second is to recover data from an earlier time. At M Cubed Technologies we understand the complexity of data backup and recovery ensuring our clients have a safety net should the unthinkable happen. Contact us today for an evaluation of your current system to make sure you are prepared for unforeseen problems.


Servers are the backbone of your business. They are workhorses that work quietly in the background making sure your team can operate efficiently on a daily basis. However, just like any piece of technology these need to be maintained. This critical service is a must for business of any size. Server maintenance is a must to monitor items such as hard disk space, redundancy, security patches, security alerts, software updates and monitoring for system viruses.

M Cubed offers full server maintenance packages so you don't have to worry about your company's productivity. Call us today for a free assessment.



I joined the team in 2013 and am excited to make a difference every day at work. Each day holds opportunities to transform unhealthy networks into functional masterpieces, and a chance to travel to new places to help make better businesses and happier customers. I enjoy exploring the Sierra Nevada, and serving in student ministry with my lovely bride.


I've been in the IT industry going on 19 years now. Aside from also being an instructor at a local community college, I enjoy watching a good movie, cooking and tasting new flavors of food. I hold multiple certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, and Project Management Institute. I also have a Master's Degree in Information Technology Management.


I joined M Cubed in 2014 and have been working in the IT industry for about 20 years. I hold multiple certifications, and enjoy the challenge of helping clients manage their systems. I enjoy bike trips with my wife and son, going on walks with our two dogs, woodworking, motorcycle riding, and reading a good book.


I joined M Cubed in 2013, and graduated from Fresno State with a bachelor's degree in Ag Business. My husband and I enjoy traveling to new places and dining at their highest-rated restaurants. We also like entertaining friends and spending time with our crazy family, all while indulging on Gramma's Cuban cuisines.


I've been a part of the M Cubed team since 2015. I've enjoyed working with technology since I was 13, when I built my first computer. I have multiple certifications, and am studying network administration at Fresno State. I'm an avid hockey player, and watch games no matter what team is on (my favorite team is the Ottawa Senators). I love to learn new things every day so I can better my expertise for you!

My love for business and customer service led me to launch M Cubed Technologies, and the team has quickly become a second family to me. Away from the office, I try to impress the boss at home: my wonderful wife, Dawn. I love being a father to my son, Chase, and I help coach him in basketball, football, baseball and soccer.

I've worked for M Cubed since 2013, and I love working with so many great local businesses. In my spare time you can find me hiking, backpacking and exploring Mother Nature. I also like watching A's games, going to the gun range and spending time with the cutest dog on the planet, Holly!


I like to keep moving and being busy, so when not working, I enjoy playing and watching soccer. Being outdoors fishing having a great time with friends and family. I also like working on cars in my spare time. I like getting my hands on new pieces of technology, since its changing so fast. I want my brain to keep being that sponge to soak up all the new things that are out there.

Matt O

A proud University of Kansas graduate, I'm currently working on my second degree in IT networking and having a blast being a part of the M Cubed team since 2016. Whether its exploring the outdoors, designing and playing board games with friends, or working on our client's computing needs, my goal is to the be the best at what I do and have a ton of fun doing it!

Matt W

A graduate of The University of Nevada, Reno, I studied Information Systems and Cyber Security. I joined the M Cubed team in 2017 and I enjoy being able to help people every day. In my spare time I enjoy exploring the outdoors, watching and playing sports, and learning about the latest technology in today's world.


I joined the team in 2017, but have been a part of the IT industry for 15 plus years and love the M Cubed model being proactive in approach. Aside the IT industry, I am also a professional musician which helps me personally by maintaining a unique balance making client side support an easy task. The most important person in my life is my daughter who is now 10 years old and is well on her way to a successful adulthood.


I've been working with technology for 5+ years now and I love every aspect of it. I joined the team in 2017 and every day is a new exciting challenge! Outside of work I am an Eagle Scout with a huge passion for the outdoors. Through my experiences, I've hiked through multiple states in the U.S., scuba-dived in numerous bodies of water and climbed some of the tallest mountains.


I joined M Cubed in 2018, and graduated from Haskell Indian Nations University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management. I enjoy helping our community in any way possible. Outside of the office you can find me coaching, mentoring and inspiring our youth on and off the basketball court. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!


I joined the team in 2018 after graduating JCCC with my AAS in IT-Networking and look forward to utilize my education and IT background to contribute to M Cubed Technologies. On my personal time I enjoy admiring custom computer builds and spending time with my lovely wife. We love taking in new movies or concerts together and occasionally venture out of state for new experiences.


Since 1986, family owned Signal Communication Systems has provided valley businesses with a full range of telecom equipment and cabling solutions, as well as carrier services. This unique package of products and services has made Signal a premier provider of complete office solutions.

Signal, a California C-7 licensed contractor and BBB Accredited member, has a staff of dedicated installation and service professionals who take great pride in delivering a reliable Business Management Tool in the form of the ESI telecommunication product line.



Our ticketing system gives our team members and clients the ability to track issues through their life cycle.


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